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SoulShine's symbol: the North Star

north star soulshine designs

Diamond North Star pendant

My husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary - time flies! He gave me a gorgeous diamond North Star pendant, which is my favorite symbol. It's also the inspiration behind SoulShine's logo! Here's why...

SoulShine Designs North Star Logo

The North Star has guided travelers for thousands of years, a constant bright source on their journeys. Now that we have Google Maps to guide us, the North Star guides us in different ways: through its symbolism, it helps us navigate through life.

We all have our "true north" - the best and truest version of ourselves.  The North Star reminds us to always strive to stay that course.  And if we veer off course, to acknowledge it, instead of being in denial, so we can regain our bearings and head northward again.  And that helps our souls to always shine brightly!

I love creating bracelets with the North Star symbol - gorgeous pave charms I import from Istanbul.  If this symbol resonates with you, check out this North Star with Carnelian Gemstone bracelet.  Carnelian is also known to increase energy and stamina.  Bonus! 


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