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Earthy, spiritual beaded bracelets with a touch of glam. Meaningful jewelry that inspires your best self to shine through!

Courtesy: Ladue News

Welcome to Soulshine!

I'm Rebecca Sheehan, based in St. Louis, MO. My jewelry designing grew naturally from my love of practicing yoga, in which we seek to reflect, grow, and find our truest selves. But what happens when we leave the mat, or any soul-searching experience, for that matter? I quickly realized there's a real need to carry those reflections and revelations with us, as we navigate the stresses and challenges of our daily lives.

That's why I created Soulshine Jewels: to keep meaning in our lives, everywhere, every day. Each handcrafted piece is carefully designed with gemstones and charms to encourage inspiration, inner growth and enlightenment--in other words, to truly let your soul shine through. They're specifically designed to be versatile, so you can always be reminded of their meaning, whether you're sweating it out in yoga class, concentrating at work, relaxing on the beach, or celebrating with a sparkling night on the town.

The earthy tones of these high-quality stones, combined with the glistening crystals, will keep you grounded while bathing you in a celestial glow. Wear one or stack several to create a look all your own.