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At home with essential oils: how to create your own oasis

Aurelia Aromatica 

Aurelia Beye, owner of Aurelia Aromatica, personally and responsibly sources, blends and bottles essential oils from around the world. She shares with us the benefits of different essential oils, and how they can help transform our homes into safe havens.


We can all use a little boost right now. Our world is a different place than it was before COVID-19 swept through our communities.  More than ever before, we need home to be a place where we feel calm, safe and secure - and essential oils can help.  These naturally occurring oils are therapeutic in so many areas - not to mention boosting our moods and invigorating us to take on each day as we navigate our new normal.

How can we clean our home surfaces and air without toxic chemicals?


Essential oils have been widely studied and found to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial abilities.  For that reason, I highly recommend making your own essential oil-infused surface spray. The beauty is that they can cleanse the air in your home just as effectively as they clean surfaces.


Tea tree is a strong disinfectant and yet gentle on the skin. To make your own surface spray cleaner, I like to combine tea tree, a citrus oil, and/or any other essential oil with isopropyl alcohol or a high grade alcohol such as vodka. I usually add anywhere from 5-10% of essential oil solution to the alcohol portion. Always give a good shake after combining all ingredients together.



Which essential oils help boost health and immunity?


Essential oils can be a great supplement to a healthy lifestyle to boost our immune systems.


Among others, lavender is an all-around purposeful essential oil, commonly used as a stress reducer. And reducing stress is key to boosting immunity. 


Lavender essential oil

Tea Tree oil also has powerful immunity, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These beneficial properties can be absorbed into the skin by being worn on a diffuser bracelet. 


Which essential oils can benefit our mental health and wellbeing?


Many of us are adjusting to a new way of living and there can be a great number of emotions that arise from this.  


For restless nights, lavender can be of great benefit with its sedative properties. I like to put a couple of drops on the bottoms of my feet 20 minutes before I go to sleep. Inhalation through a nebulizer works nicely as well. 


Frankincense is another essential oil that comes to mind. It is known as the oil of tranquility and offers effective calming support through times of mental and emotional burnout. It is a gentle oil, but strong in its actions.


Soulshine No. 1 is a beautiful signature blend that can be worn on a diffuser bracelet to empower us during difficult times. My favorite ingredient in this blend is rose, which is commonly used to strengthen the heart while experiencing shock, disconnection, loss, or any other emotional wound. Regardless of where we fall within stress levels, I think this blend could benefit any of us and incorporate nicely into self-care routines. This is the time for self-care! 


For those of us feeling overwhelmed, patchouli can help ground us, making it easier to stay focused on our set course.  The earthy aromas of cedarwood fit within the genre of relaxing essential oils as well.


And let’s talk about different ways to use essential oils. What’s the difference, benefit-wise, between putting them in a diffuser, wearing them in a diffuser bracelet, putting them in sprays, etc.? And which oils are best used in which ways? 


There are many methods of delivery for aromatherapy and which method you use depends on your intention for the oil’s use. When using essential oils for cleansing surfaces and the air in your home, creating a cleaning spray is the way to go.


Diffuser bracelets are great for cultivating a daily personal practice with essential oils. The bracelets can be worn when protection and heightened immunity is needed or for calming or empowering effects. 

I touched on this earlier, but for the home environment nebulizers and diffusers work beautifully.

I want to caution that when using essential oils check out the safety precautions for each oil. There are some that are not suitable for pregnancy, infants, children or the elderly. Also, some that are not suitable for wearing on the skin or ingesting. Always consult a certified aromatherapist if you ever have questions regarding safety, dosage, etc. 

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Soulshine diffuser bracelets and essential oils

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