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Making Your New Year's Resolutions Stick!

It’s hard to believe we’re officially halfway through January - the month in which many of us set intentions to better ourselves in the coming year. But as the weeks wear on and we settle back into our daily routines, everyday distractions can derail the goals we set with such determination.  Sometimes a constant little reminder can make a big difference in helping us stay on track. 

By wearing your intentions, a glance at your wrist every now and then can accomplish just that. 

Here are a few gemstones and charms that may resonate with the resolutions you've made:

Wanting to feel more connected and engaged with your surroundings - i.e. not living life through a screen in the palm of your hand? The Ohm symbol is the perfect antidote to screen addictions; it’s known to bring harmony and connect us with our surroundings. 

The Ohm with Sunstone encourages joy and living in the moment.

This Ohm mala with African Turquoise has the added bonus of encouraging us to reflect and discover our intended purpose.

African Turquoise Ohm

Wanting to rid your life of negativity and surround yourself with positive people and experiences?  Gemstones such as Black Onyx and Gray Banded Agate are often used to absorb and transform negative energy.

If you’re wanting to remain more even-tempered, not letting life’s little frustrations get you down, the calming scent of hand-carved Indian sandalwood is the perfect antidote. It’s known to bring emotional balance.


Until the end of January, use code SOULSHINE15 for 15% off your online purchase. Good luck sticking to those New Year's resolutions, and always let your soul shine!

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