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Strength and Stability Patchouli Hematite Gift Set

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Gift set includes one black or cream lava Strength and Stability diffuser bracelet with a 15mL bottle of patchouli essential oil. The set also comes with keepsake cards describing the meaning of the bracelet and oil, plus diffuser instructions, in a decorative pouch.


The warming and earthy aromatics of patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) have a grounding effect, reconnecting those feeling a disconnect between mind and body. In addition, patchouli has a balancing effect to both the spirit and mind. Patchouli invites us to tap into the more sensual and creative aspects of oneself and enjoy the pleasures of life.



Originating in the earth’s core, Lava helps root us and brings strength. Plus, its porous surface can absorb and diffuse healing aromas from essential oils.  Hematite brings grounding and stability.



This bracelet is handcrafted on a durable stretch cord with 8mm natural lava and gold Hematite.

It's adorned with a signature Soulshine dangle and keepsake tag describing its meaning.


Soulshine diffuser bracelets are handcrafted with lava rock, a highly porous stone that easily absorbs essential oils. Each of these oils carries unique mood and health enhancing properties. 
To use, place one to two drops on your bracelet and keep its healing aroma close to you throughout the day. Essential oil aromas will usually last 24 to 48 hours. Then place another drop or two on your bracelet and repeat!

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